Thursday, October 06, 2011

1660 - Light bulb moment

Popular Mechanics. NO, don't go! This is interesting, really. This is about your money. Interested now aren't you? This is an article about light bulbs and what's coming down the road. You think gas prices are high? Lets check light bulb prices.

I'll give you the link to the article at the end. But for now here's the difference between the different types of bulbs. What is interesting is what's called the color temperature of the bulbs. Or how much light they put out at different color frequencies. If one bulb puts out more blue light than red, it will make the overall light look different.

Here's an overall picture of light output of the sun and the various types of bulbs with an explanation below. (click em to big em)

This is a bonus chart that I found.

Now for the different types of bulbs and their specs including color temps.

So here's THE ARTICLE in Popular Mechanics. It has more information including what makes bulbs die. Read this. It's going to affect you for the rest of your life.

Bonus - I also read recently where people that have trouble going to sleep could be affected by blue light. It seems blue light is the signal that the sun is up and you're supposed to be awake. So limiting levels of blue light at night may help you sleep. Pick the right light bulbs. Cut back on TV and computers right before bed.



Bilbo said...

I'm stocking up on candles.

Mike said...

B - Are they going to be energy efficient candles?

Claudia said...

This post really goes to the essence of your being, my dear, and I can say that because you once referred to me as "the light-leavinest-on-person" you had ever met!

Lizbeth said...

My husband bought some of the new LED lights and put them in our bathroom. I couldn't stand them and made him put them in his office. They were way to bright and harsh. I don't care if they last longer than I'll be alive, it was too much to handle too early in the morning.

Chuck the Grumpy Cat said...

This was really neat information!