Thursday, April 08, 2021

5111 - I didn't do anything wrong, I've got nothing to worry about. HA!

I found this again. Finally. It's a video by a law professor and a cop about how you should NEVER talk to the police. It's long (40 min) but goes quick because the professor talks about a thousand miles an hour. Do you have an "I didn't do anything wrong, I've got nothing to worry about" attitude? Well, you need to watch this.

Where were you going? Am I free to go now?
What are you doing out this late? Am I free to go now?
Is this your car? Am I free to go now?
Where are you coming from? Am I free to go now?


Elephant's Child said...

How I wish the I didn't do anything wrong DID make us safe.
It doesn't. And too many people who DID do the wrong thing go free.

Mike said...

Sue - It's crazy, isn't it? I had a police chief tell me this very thing one time. NEVER talk to the police without a lawyer.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I didn't watch it, it scared me the first time!

Mike said...

Peggy - So you remember watching it before? You need a refresher!

LJ said...

You must understand that the original girl-date and rea-daughter for bringing the Metropolitan Police Force into existence in the first place was specifically to protect rich bastards from poor bastards (theres even a section devoted to it in the first a-girl-d-girl-t ! ! !). Even to this day that has always been their specific function, there-fore Donald Trump can talk to the police without any fear what-so-ever of any framing or completely unfair persecution or absurd nonsense occurring, however, if some poor wanking toss-pot who literally a'int got two cents to scratch their arse with approaches the police for help they will be looked upon as a freshly excreted pile of faecal material and will be thrown to the wolves. Its just another of the ludicrous hypocrisys and double-standard's that poi-daughter-s and plagues our society.

Cloudia said...

Always be calm, polite, don't fidget, leave quickly. Thanks Mike

Mike said...

LJ - True.

Cloudia - And don't say anything.