Friday, January 14, 2022

5393 - What post?

I came here to see if my Friday post was posted correctly. Oh yeah. I didn't do one yet. I'll be back.
Here's a fun one. The evolution of the alphabet.

And then I found this...


Elephant's Child said...

Nah, not any sort of chart junkie.
I am amazed however that you find something new, and often fascinating, to post each and every day though.

Mike said...

Sue - I look for new stuff first. Then if I don't find something in a reasonable time I go to my blog fodder bookmarks or memes. I just counted and have about 450 blog fodder URLs and a couple of hundred memes. If I ever decide to hang up blogging I'll post them all at once in one big post.

Bilbo said...

Of course I'm an alphabet junkie! What else am I going to do as an old retired fart with a degree in Linguistics?

Ole Phat Stu said...

What? No mention of the elder and younger Futharks? Alphabets were not always in the sequence ABC.. Nor do I see Oggham anywhere :-(

John A Hill said...

There are a number of letters we could get rid of. The C or K could go, but I'd recommend it be the K so we don't had to get used to the A-B-Ds.
Do we really need a Z? or an H?

Of course, even if it made sense to change it -- we wouldn't. We're just too darned lazy.

Kathy G said...

Thanks for the information. That first one is downright pretty :-)

Country Cottage said...

The first chart is interesting, if we follow it on a couple of years it will turn into emojo's and pretty well revert back to the original 😁

Mike said...

Bill - I was thinking of you when I posted this. Did you google all the charts? There's going to be a test tomorrow!

Stu - I know I know!😁 There's a LOT of stuff missing from these two charts. One site says there are about 6,500 languages spoken today. Another says 7,117 (rather specific). I'm sure not all of them have a written alphabet, but even if half of them do that's a lot of Unicode characters.

John - Good luck with that. How about the whole world switching to Esperanto?
It's sort of like Swahili in Africa. There are 43 different languages in Africa, but everyone speaks Swahili.

Kathy - That's what first caught my attention. Pretty colors!

CC - I've seen memes comparing hieroglyphics to emojis.

Lady M said...

Funny how that head evolved into a T.

jenny_o said...

Fascinating - I've never thought to look this up so thanks for posting about it. It's intriguing how so many of our modern letters are mirror image to earlier versions of them. It's also interesting how many people lament how our language is going to pot. It's easy to think that our current accepted customs are the way things always were, but it's far from true. These charts are a quick lesson in that reality.

Mike said...

Lady - Head to A?

Jenny - Now comes the hard part. Guessing what it will look like 5 iterations from now.