Friday, June 24, 2022

5556 - Aliquot tree

As I was rereading yesterday's post for fun, I saw a term that I thought I should look up, aliquot tree. What the heck is an aliquot tree? 

Here's the first thing I noticed...

"Based on the pen and ink illustration originally done for the cover art of the experimental musician Chvad SB's album "Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree ". Original Illustration by Brian A. Bernhard."

Notice the subtle lines working their way around the two vertical cylinders until they meet at a place called "the restaurant" from which a particular model could order a few more cheeseburgers and put a little weight on.

Perhaps you were wondering, "how do you find the sum of an aliquot?
The aliquot sum is the sum of the aliquot divisors so, for example, the aliquot divisors of 12 are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 and its aliquot sum is 16."

Here's a sample picture. Even I understand this even though I don't know how it relates to the example of 12, above.

I thought I would finish up with a funny cartoon. 

"A lot of people mistake 1 as prime. As for 57: 57 has an aliquot sum of 23 and is the first composite member of the 23-aliquot tree. Although 57 is not prime, it is jokingly known as the "Grothendieck Prime"."

Great, isn't it? HA!


Elephant's Child said...

Two posts in a row that make my brain hurt - and show up my ignorance.

Kirk said...

That album cover looks less like a tree and more like a monster that escaped from a secret laboratory located somewhere in the Museaum of Modern Art.

Mike said...

Sue - Print out the album cover and use it as an adult coloring book.

Kirk - The lab was secret until the thing got out.

Bilbo said...

Is an aliquot related to a kumquat? And are there four aliquots in an aligallon? Discuss.

Martha said...

Even after two coffees, this hurts my brain! LOL

Kathy G said...

"Perhaps you were wondering, 'how do you find the sum of an aliquot?"

Nope. not at all.

John A Hill said...

Sorry, I never made it past the first pic.

Cloudia said...

Your smart is showing!

Mike said...

Bill - The aligallon ate four aliquots and it filled him up.

Martha - Take two aliquots and call me in the morning.

Kathy - But now you KNOW how too.

John - High five.

Cloudia - I'm still not sure how the picture relates to the example of 12.

River said...

I'm with EC, my head is spinning and I understand none of it.