Friday, July 17, 2020

4842 - Fact-checking the news

Here are a few things from AARP about fact-checking news stories before you share them.


And then here are some fact-checking sites. Some are familiar to me, some not.

Don't you wish these were links? Me too.


Elephant's Child said...

Links would indeed be very helpful.
Sadly too many articles get dismissed at the moment as 'fake news' if they don't suit the readers prejudices.

MarkD60 said...

Can't trust anyone these days.

Kirk said...

Another problem is thanks to "cookies" and what-have-you, news stories tend to be geared to your perceived biases. In other words, these stories seek you out. This can be a problem if they get the bias wrong--maybe you just read something you wouldn't ordinarily read out of curiosity one day--but even if the bias is right and you're being told what you want to hear, you're still being manipulated to a degree. Best to occasionally go to a mainstream news site that regularly gets bitched about by both the Left and the Right, like the New York Times.

Kirk said...

By the way, I'm one of those people on the Left who occasionally bitches about the New York Times, but I don't consider them to be out-and-out liars.

Cloudia said...


Mike said...

EC - People are out there that have prejudices?! Say it ain't so!

MD - Sadly true.

K - If you read news with your incognito window, all the cookies get erased when you close the window. Also, I have ad blockers running. The Washington Post (and others) won't let you read a story when your running ad blockers. So I copy the link, open the incognito window, paste, and presto, everything works. And no Washington Post cookies left behind. Plus, I run CCleaner frequently which erases cookies except the ones I want to keep. (there are options)

C - noʻu ka hauʻoli

dellgirl said...

This is a lot of great information about fact-checking before sharing articles. It's good to know. That is a WHOLE LOT of work, so I guess I won't be sharing any news stories. Wellll, maybe I could just add a DISCLAIMER that I didn't fact-check it. ummmm, I'll think about it.

Wishing you a Happy & Safe Weekend!

RO said...

I thought these were great tips from AARP and thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, RO

Mildred Ratched said...

Thanks for sharing!

Mike said...

DG - The disclaimer sounds like a great idea. "I don't know if this is true, but..."

RO - Hugs back, Mike.

MR - I thought it was worth the scan time.

Everyone - There will be a test on this next week sometime. Study hard!