Friday, November 20, 2020

4971 - Psychologist Identifies Seven Factors That Contribute to American Racism

The article is called 'Psychologist Identifies Seven Factors That Contribute to American Racism'. And that's the link to the whole article. It's not all that long. Below is for the TLDR people.

The first three factors Roberts and Rizzo reviewed are: Categories, which organize people into distinct groups; Factions, which trigger ingroup loyalty and intergroup competition; and Segregation, which hardens racist perceptions, preferences, and beliefs. Simply put, the U.S. systematically constructs racial categories, places people inside of those categories and segregates people on the basis of those categories, the authors argue.


The remaining four factors the researchers argue contribute to American racism include: Hierarchy, which emboldens people to think, feel and behave in racist ways; Power, which legislates racism on both micro and macro levels; Media, which legitimizes overrepresented and idealized representations of White Americans while marginalizing and minimizing people of color; and Passivism, such that overlooking or denying the existence of racism encourages others to do the same. In short, they argue that the U.S. positions and empowers some over others, reinforces those differences through biased media, and then leaves those disparities and media in place.

Of the seven factors they identified, perhaps the most insidious is passivism or passive racism, according to the scholars. This includes an apathy toward systems of racial advantage or denial that those systems even exist.



Elephant's Child said...

Identifying the factors which contribute to it is the easy part of the equation. Changing them is a whole new ball game. A ball game with predefined losers.

Mike said...

EC - Oh, I don't think they will ever change. Not as long as people gather in groups of like-minded people.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

how's Claudia doing? I hope she is feeling better and you're being a great nurse to her!

Mike said...

MPP - As well as can be expected. She still has problems swallowing even pills. But when you get your neck operated on, I guess it comes with the territory.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They forgot (1) resentment and (2) taking pleasure in persecuting others.

Mike said...

DSWS - So tRUMP and tRUMP?

Looney John said...

Mike, as you know i do tend to stay away from posts about semi-solemn or semi-sombre stuff, A, out of respect for the subject matter, and, B, because i do prefer the frivolous and flippant and decadent nonsense obviously. However i`ll make an exception here because it is a point worth making. Just imagine if literally every one of the 165 million birds in America (whether they be white or black or yellow or red or brown) looked like an exact carbon copy replica of the quite astonishing 17 year-old Pauline Hickey from 1985, do you think there`d be any racism in America then ! ?, of course not, there`d simply be 165 million geezers lusting after the 165 million Pauline Hickey look-a-likes 24 hours-a-day forever!. I think you`ll agree that would make for a much nicer and healthier America ! ! !. BTW Mike, sure, i`ll admit this is perhaps on the surface at least essentially just another comedy oriented Pauline Hickey big-tit related com-girl-t, but you have to admit it does actually ring true ! ! !.