Friday, June 18, 2021

5182 - Friday no themememes

Some nice puns. I don't get the Monty Python reference. And it's not needed anyway.

Celsius, older than he looked.

This is why I would flunk all the questions the EMT is asking. 

A dipstick holding a dipstick.

Some guys can be so romantic.

I know an even faster way to do this.

I think that first line is my doctors' name.

Don't wait too long for it to sink in.

I found a better range hood for Peggy.

Scotty could have all kinds of fun if he wanted to.


Elephant's Child said...

That doctor's alphabet is right on the money. And my doctor knows the alphabet well.

LJ said...

Mike, my favourite exchange of dialogue in "The Black Knight" sequence is where the geezer shouts at the geezer "I'M INVINCIBLE" and the other geezer replys with "YOU'RE A LOONEY ! ! !".

Bilbo said...

Kale makes an excellent ground cover, being at least as edible as asphalt or concrete.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The kale one is my fave!

Mike said...

Sue - I could be a doctor if handwriting was the only requirement.

LJ - I know nothing about "The Black Knight". I can see why you like that exchange.

Bilbo - Does it keep varmints away?

Deb - I guess some people like that... stuff. Each to their own.

Kathy G said...

The sink one cracked me up!

allenwoodhaven said...

Good ones! Love Frida Gomam and Star Trek the best.

Mike said...

Kathy - Are you planning your version? Maybe with a grand piano?

Allen - I surprised no one ever thought to pull the "beam me aboard" prank in any of the series or movies.

LJ said...

Mike, how the hell did you know that for the last 50 years i`ve just been doing one long continuous uninterrupted John Cleese impersonation ? ? ?.

Mike said...

LJ - I think if John Cleese knew that, he would be... concerned.