Thursday, July 29, 2021

5223 - PSA

Time for a public service announcement. I found an interesting article yesterday about ways to use wood ashes. There are 10 ideas in the text. Then there is a video at the end of the article that has more ideas. And if you watch the video all the way to the end, you won't have to go to church on Sunday. (2:48 - 10:00 has the info)

Here's #1 - Fending off ant invasions.

I used to do this and I don't know why I stopped. I would take the ashes from my outdoor burns and sprinkle them around the outside foundation of the house. It helps keep insects out.


Bilbo said...

And those who don't use them properly merit ash clown awards, eh?

Kathy G said...

The fireplace in our condo is decorative only, so no wood ashes for me.

Susan Kane said...

Wood ashes, makes total sense. Have to hunt around parks for them.

Mike said...

Bill - That was a streeeeeeeetch.

Kathy - I would think there would be less of a need at a condo. Otherwise, do some BBQ with wood.

Susan - Backyard fires are more fun!

John A Hill said...

My daily cigar ash and stub go into the compost pile.
Does that count for anything?

Mike said...

John - 0.05 points for you for that.