Friday, May 17, 2024

6223 - Diabetes cure?

It's 18 minutes long but has an interesting hypothesis about curing diabetes and losing weight.



River said...

I watched the whole 18 minutes and some of it made more sense than others to me, for instance anything labelled low fat etc is a no no, I've known that for years and don't eat "diet" foods. My dad was a big fan of fat, always eating any fat that was on his steak and adding butter, REAL butter, to almost everything. He was never sick until he got the lung cancer but that was from smoking since age eleven.
She did fail to recommend we move more.
I really don't want to give up my daily breakfast hot porridge, though I could add less sugar to it. I don't want to become diabetic.

Cloudia said...

Thanks for sharing Mike

Mike said...

River - I don't think I could give up sugar. It's my favorite poison.

Cloudia - It's interesting, right?

Kathy G said...

More evidence that a whole foods plant based diet works.

Kirk said...

Perdue made me think of the chicken.

Mike said...

Kathy - I guess it depends on what type of plants though.

Kirk - Plant based chicken?